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OMG!!! I don't know if I ever told you that when I lived in NY I lived at Governor's Island. My former husband was attached to NATO - he was a Navy officer and we had quarters there, in those days it was a Coast Guard base, and we needed to go via Ferry - which was next door to the Staten Island Ferry - to Manhattan. That was back in the early seventies...my, am I old or what?

Our home was the third house on the right if you face the Admiral's quarters - that would be the antebellum house with the tall white columns facing the park - a big old thing that was the most comfortable, albeit drafty thing I ever lived in. But we had the run of the place and the officers club was to die for.

Here you and I go again sharing places in the sun. Takashimaya and now G.I! one of these days we have to do it in real life. I mean it. You were missed.
Hugs from here.


there you are my beauty!
and such JOY you are sharing. look at the memories you have shaken into life for our allegra!
look at your wonder filled children.
and radiant you!
although i have been carrying you close in my heart and thoughts this is a visual delight.

thank you for taking us by storm!



I've missed you and hope that you are well. These photos are marvelous -- I rarely use that word and felt like it fit your photos --

Love and peace to you.


Wow, you really captured the art and the day and the wonder. Fantastic photos. Thinking of you.
Thank you for thinking of me.

Sarcastic Bastard

What a good time! Wish I could have gone, too.

Love you lots.



come back to us!


Sarcastic Bastard

I am thinking of you. Sorry to hear of your loss. You are loved.


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