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Sarcastic Bastard

These are totally cool. I couldn't pick a favorite.

Love you.

Ms. Moon

The mosaic, the bamboo, the globe and the gnarly. The question is- which do the birds like?


How fantastic.

That globe is my favorite.


I love the globe, and the last and the second to the last, and the first, and...
SO glad you had your camera. So glad you have your head in the clouds.
How dreamy. I wonder what the birds think, stumbling upon this mecca of achitecture built just for them.

I wanted to tell you I'm so sorry about your mom.
thinking of you.


the simple stunning universal icon of home.
the globe.
delightful genius.

Jorge nelson

Wow thank you so much! I love stumbling upon unexpected things like this! Thanks for sharing


All of them are but the third from the last got me where I love. Love to you my dear, I can only imagine what your bird
house may have looked like, filled with stars and butterflies the kind that bring smiles to me when I look at them in my room. My daily thought of you.


we are all waiting for you..
please come,
and simply
haiku our hearts!

maggie may

those are so charming! peep

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